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All of the below is old information that I'm too lazy or stubborn to remove.

1. What is Fake Chapter Records?
Who is Gilligan?
3. Why did you start Fake Chapter Records?
4. Was the label called Chapter 11 Records before?
5. Can I send you my demo tape?
6. Who does your graphic design work?
7. Who does your webpage?
8. How big is your staff? Are you hiring?
9. Who does your recording?
10. How do I request a press kit for my publication/radio program?
11. Where the hell can I find your CDs?
12. Who is Algebra Two Records and why is their FAQ section exactly like yours with most of the questions about you?
13. That was one funny article in Magnet.

What is Fake Chapter Records?

Fake Chapter Records is an independent record label in NJ started in 1996. Like all great music companies, we strive for the perfect balance of financial, creative and artistic success. We only work with bands made up of like minded individuals and that produce great music.

gilliganWho is Gilligan?

My full name is Michael Gilligan. I'm from Maywood, NJ and a 40+ year-old graduate of Rowan University. In addition to Fake Chapter, I worked at SONY Music for 12 years. Wrote a book about it - buy it here!

Learn more about me? Interview with Mom Gilligan ~ Interview with Dad Gilligan

Why did you start Fake Chapter Records?

Because I didn't know what I was getting in to.  In high school I started to self-release my music and after spending a year of college as a business major, I decided to make this an actual company. So on August 7, 1996, a bright, handsome 18-year-old went down to the county clerk office in Hackensack and registered Chapter 11 Records.

Was the label called Chapter 11 Records before?

Unfortunately one of the label's accomplishments has been a name change.  After "talking" with a CA label of similar name, the name was changed to Fake Chapter Records. It officially take effect on March (lucky) 11, 1998.

Can I send you my demo tape?

Yes, we have an open policy. Send an email for submission instructions or skip the intros and send to - Fake Chapter Records, 115 Romaine Ave. Maywood, NJ 07607

Who does your artwork/photography/logo design?

Our bands have the freedom to choice their own people for artwork and designs. As far as the rest, the talented Andrea Munson does most of our art work including our standard logo. We also use the services of Visible Rhythm, Jeff Eller, and others. Interested in having any one of them help on your project, just contact me.

Who does your webpage?

As you may guess by the looks, FC handles the site on our own. The goal is to keep the site as updated and interactive as possible but I save my limited funds for the bands instead of any web site perks. Please send any feedback to make the site better, but not if you're a web designer looking for work. Special thanks to Jason Barton and David Smith who helped get this site running, and also Jeff Eller and Bunkre Media. The current design of the site was provided by Nickel Fish Design.

How big is your staff? Are you hiring?

Fortunately many friends, fans, and music lovers have helped through the years but sorry, we're not hiring. If you live in NJ area and are looking for college credit, email info@fakechapter.com for information regarding an internship.

Who does your recording?

All the bands have the freedom to work with whatever producer/studio is possible (and do). However, Steven Piperno, is the official studio, producer, mixer for Fake Chapter.

How do I request a press kit for my publication/radio program?

E-mail the request to info@fakechapter.com. Make sure to include as much information as possible. For example, if you're a college radio dj, please include the station's call letters, address, request and office phone numbers, and any other relevant information.

Where the hell can I find your CDs?

What, you mean you still buy CDs? You can find our CDs on this site, any online retail store, itunes and other digital stores, and record stores worldwide. If a store near you does not carry us, please ask as any title can be ordered through Alliance, Super D's and other major distribution one-stops. Don't like our shit anymore? That's cool. In some cases we'll buy it back so email us before you sell it to your local record store.

Who is Algebra Two Records and why is their FAQ section exactly like yours with most of the questions about you?

Because Jason Lukach copies everything I do. Actually, I don't think the website is still up but The Trauma Queens and DMBQ were a co-label release with Algebra Two Records.. Jason Lukach has been involved with Fake Chapter in different ways since the very beginning (see "Pimps Lament" on your FCE Comp) and played in many bands with TQ members. His site's FAQ section is eerily similar to mine but I don't know why there are so many questions about me.

Taken from Algebra Two Records FAQ:

Q: Ok, so are Mike and Gilligan two different people?

A: Sort of. Mike Gilligan is the owner, CEO, and big pimp behind FCE records. He also grew a beard and now looks like a redheaded lumberjack. Without the beard, he is Mike. With, he is Gilligan. Of course, I've been calling him just Mike since high school, when he used to wear Nine Inch Nails t-shirts to Sociology class.

Q: So, if these bands ever get big, are your crappy records gonna be worth any money?

A: I hope so, daddy needs a new plasma TV. Actually, I don't know. Mike (or Gilligan, or Paul Bunyun) has this lame ass story that he loves to tell over and over again about how he went to see Furious George with At The Drive In (when they were just starting out) opening. He bought a $3 7inch for $2, because he didn't have any money, and recently saw the same 7inch sell for $40 on eBay. More importantly however, I think we really have to ask ourselves, what the hell was Mike doing seeing Furious George in the first place.

To my defense, it was Jared DiMassino who wore that NIN t-shirt and despite acknowledging the memory failure, Jay refuses to change it. Secondly, who wouldn't see Furious George? They have a song called "I Am Gilligan."

That was one funny article in Magnet.

Yes, it was. Some day it will be a book but until then you'll just have to read it again Magnet

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